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Bible Study - Advent 2 - Mary & Joseph

Posted: 12/16/2019

Introduction: A betrothal lasted about a years. It was common for a girl to be betrothed around the age of 14. The sixth month = the 6th month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Note: the word “favored” in vs. 28 & 30 comes from the word grace.

Read: Luke 1:26-45
Today the Virgin Birth is primarily used to pr...

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Bible Study - Advent 1 - Prophecy

Posted: 12/6/2019

Prayer and Introduction: The passage from Isaiah takes place during the reign of King Ahaz, who has turned away from God. The Lord’s displeasure, the prophet says at the end of chapter 8 will be seen in both Israel and Judah. Distress, hunger, and darkness will cover the land. The people experience the terror of defeat. But then a word of hop...

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